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Honorable Mark Sanford

Representing the 1st District of South Carolina

Sanford Introduces Obamacare Replacement Act

Feb 16, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, Representative Mark Sanford introduced H.R. 1072, the Obamacare Replacement Act. This bill repeals those aspects of Obamacare that acted as the main drivers of increased prices and premiums and replaces them with a free market, patient-centered, and consumer-driven healthcare system.

Rep. Sanford released the following statement:

“In politics, I certainly think that government closest to the people governs best, and I think that same principle applies to healthcare. You and your doctor are going to know best what works for you - and not the government or insurance companies.

“Over the past seven years, Obamacare has shown that top-down government solutions don’t work. Indeed, South Carolina is one such example, where premiums have risen 28% this year - up from a 15% increase last year, and there is only one insurance provider under Obamacare. This is unacceptable. Instead, Americans should be given more choice in healthcare and at a lower cost. Simply put, this bill accomplishes that by encouraging a more competitive marketplace and expanding options.”

Sanford’s Obamacare Replacement Act, which mirrors Senator Rand Paul’s bill of the same name, will 1) increase access to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and expand the products and services covered; 2) legalize inexpensive insurance plans; 3) help individuals to buy insurance across state lines; 4) allow individuals to band together to purchase insurance increasing their purchasing power; 5) de-link health insurance from employment through tax deductions for individuals purchasing their own coverage; and 6) provide a two-year enrollment period under which individuals with pre-existing conditions can obtain coverage.

For a more detailed explanation of the bill, please click here.