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Honorable Mark Sanford

Representing the 1st District of South Carolina

Blog Posts

Oct 4, 2015 Blog Post

My prayers go out to those affected by today's flooding and what has occurred over the weekend. Though we have been spared the fury of the hurricane offshore, it is hard to believe what we're witnessing not only here in the Lowcountry, but across the state with historic rainfall and catastrophic flooding.

Oct 2, 2015 Blog Post

We’ve been incredibly lucky and blessed this storm season. But Joaquin is a powerful storm, and a reminder of Mother Nature’s destructive potential. Given that the storm is headed out to sea, it’s once again a reminder to go down the Scout's checklist and “Be prepared” for all types of emergencies.

Oct 1, 2015 Blog Post

The House voted this afternoon on the Conference Report to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2016, which authorizes defense spending for next year. The report passed by a vote of 270 to 156, and I very much wanted to vote for this authorization given I believe military spending is a core function of government.

Sep 18, 2015 Blog Post

Today, there were strong emotions on both sides of the Planned Parenthood debate.

Sep 18, 2015 Blog Post

Last night, I voted in favor of the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act, which was passed by a vote of 241 to 185. This bill would make compensation mandatory for victims of frivolous lawsuits – meaning the claim has no basis in law or fact – and requires sanctions against the person making a frivolous claim as well as their lawyer.

Sep 16, 2015 Blog Post

Tonight’s debate will be interesting, and among all the back and forth, I hope there is a more substantive discussion on government spending and waste. In that light, I ran across the findings of a new audit by the Office of the Inspector General that highlighted how the U.S.

Sep 15, 2015 Blog Post

Did you see what I saw in the paper today?

Articles across the country pointed out that in his run for president, Bernie Sanders has proposed program expansions that in total would add at least $18 trillion in additional federal spending over the next ten years.

Sep 11, 2015 Blog Post

I was in Congress during the 1990’s when then-President Clinton made a deal with North Korea, offering them immediate benefits in exchange for promises they would become a responsible member of the world community. While North Korea received these benefits, the responsibility never came – I don’t think the results will be much different with the current President’s deal with Iran.

Sep 9, 2015 Blog Post

I made the observation to many during August that I thought September would be an incredibly explosive time in Washington. Congress reconvened yesterday, and that’s already proving to be the case today.

Aug 29, 2015 Blog Post

In case you missed it, I’ve spent a significant part of the last three weeks making my way around the Lowcountry, meeting with people, hearing their thoughts, and talking about what’s going on in Washington. In recapping, this so-called Listening Tour it seems to me that three major themes emerged in my different conversations with people at home.