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Honorable Mark Sanford

Representing the 1st District of South Carolina

Vote Notes: Regulatory Affairs Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act

Mar 14, 2017
Blog Post

Please allow me to play catch up on one more bill before diving back into the healthcare debate later this week….

Two weeks ago I voted in support of H.R. 1009 – the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act. This bill would delay federal agencies from issuing regulations that would have an annual effect of at least $100 million on the economy. Unless the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs can determine that the agency responsible for the rule has minimized the costs and burdens to society, these regulations would be kept from publication.

Why is this important?

Because increasingly regulatory bodies have taken on the role of the legislative body. There are a whole host of competing interests and perspectives that would quite naturally react affirmatively and negatively to any new action of government. The Founding Fathers believed that the ironing out of those differences was best done by the legislative branch wherein officeholders would be directly beholden to the voters. This is not the case with millions of unelected Federal a pejorative sense: “bureaucrats.” This distinction is a vital one. It is not to say that we don’t want or need regulation in a civilized society. It is to say that for major pieces of regulation that have significant impact in our economy we ought to at least debate the idea before it’s enacted.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a system of checks and balances. I think this bill represented another check on an increasingly large Federal bureaucracy and accordingly I voted yes, and the bill passed 241 to 184.