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Honorable Mark Sanford

Representing the 1st District of South Carolina

A Few Thoughts on Gorsuch…

Mar 20, 2017
Blog Post

Judge Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation hearings began this morning, so on that note, may I offer a few observations?


One, with all the bombast of late in the world of politics, I like the fact that he is recognized as being most civil by both Republicans and Democrats. We will all have our different perspectives and points of view, but part of hearing another person rests on civility and respect.


In fact, on this front, there was an article by Jess Bravin in the Wall Street Journal today that talked about how Judge Gorsuch has won praise from Democrats for his civility and respect for opposing views.


Judge Gorsuch has said that the role of a judge is “to hear courteously, answer wisely, consider soberly, and decide impartially” and that they should “regularly issue judgments with which they disagree as a matter of policy - all because they think that’s what the law fairly demands.”


My admiration for him goes well beyond civility. He has a keen understanding of our constitutional system and the limits that it imposes on each the three branches of government. Regardless of one’s political perspective, it would seem to me that all of us would want to see each branch contained by constitutional bounds. This means when things aren’t going in the direction we’d like, we’re able to take solace in the checks and balances built into the system the Founding Fathers created.

Although the Constitution doesn’t give the House a vote on Supreme Court nominations, I signed on to a letter supporting the Gorsuch nomination along with 82 of my House can read the letter here.